What Not To Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

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In countless households, the garbage disposal quietly handles food waste, simplifying kitchen chores. However, not all food scraps are disposal-friendly. Recognizing what should avoid the grinding chamber is vital for the long life and peak performance of your disposal unit.

In this guide, we talk about which common items your Larence, KS plumber has deemed unsuitable for your disposal, offering insights on maintaining a clog-free, efficient unit. If you’re uncertain about disposal do’s and don’ts, give us a call at Blue Duck Plumbing!

The Starches

Rice, potato peels, and pasta top the list of potential threats to your garbage disposal. Once ground, these starchy substances often create a paste that hardens, leading to slow operation and potential clogs. It’s advisable to dispose of these items in your trash bin. Otherwise, they may trap other things you put down your drains to make an even bigger clog.

Other Disposal-Unfriendly Items

Apart from the starches mentioned above, exercise caution with these items:

  • Grease and Oils: Can solidify and cause pipe blockages.
  • Fibrous Vegetables: Items like celery and corn husks may entangle blades, causing jams.
  • Coffee Grounds: Accumulate and form clogs over time.
  • Bones and Seafood Shells: Hard materials that can dull blades and jam the motor.

The Ice Myth

Throwing ice into your garbage disposal does not, in fact, sharpen the blades. While it aids in cleaning, it won’t enhance blade sharpness. Debunking such myths prevents unnecessary mishaps with your disposal unit, since putting something as hard as ice into it regularly could cause additional problems.

The Right Way To Dispose

Being mindful of disposal contents is the initial step in preventing issues. When in doubt, it’s safer to toss it in the trash. For professional assistance, especially for plumbing services in Lawrence, KS, contact Blue Duck Plumbing. Their unmatched expertise ensures your garbage disposal and drainage systems are in optimal condition, alleviating any plumbing worries.

When In Doubt, Call Your Lawrence, KS Plumbers

If you encounter issues with your garbage disposal, seeking professional assistance is wiser than attempting a DIY fix. Blue Duck Plumbing, recognized as one of the top plumbers in Lawrence, KS, is ready to help. Whether it’s a jammed disposal or some other need, their skilled team ensures your plumbing systems, including your garbage disposals, function seamlessly.

Call your Lawrence, KS Plumber from Blue Duck Plumbing now, or anytime you need help with your garbage disposal. We are always here for you!

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