9 Common Plumbing Myths Debunked

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Are “Flushable” Wipes Really Flushable? & Other Plumbing Myths Debunked

Plumbing myths are widespread and can lead to costly repairs and damage. In this post, we’ll debunk nine of the most common plumbing myths and explain why they are untrue. If you need professional plumbing services in Lawrence, KS, look no further than Blue Duck Plumbing. Keep reading to learn more, or call us today for plumbing services in Lawrence, KS!

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1. Flushable Wipes Are Safe for Plumbing

Myth: Flushable wipes can be safely flushed down the toilet.

Reality: Despite being labeled as flushable, these wipes do not break down like toilet paper and can cause significant blockages in your plumbing system. They can also clog sewer lines and damage septic systems. Always dispose of wipes in the trash to avoid plumbing issues. If you need sewer cleaning in Lawrence, KS, call Blue Duck Plumbing!

2. Small Leaks Are Harmless

Myth: A small leak is no big deal and can be ignored.

Reality: Even minor leaks can lead to major water damage, mold growth, and higher utility bills. Over time, a small leak can erode pipes, weaken structural components, and create an environment for mold and mildew to thrive. Addressing leaks promptly can save you from expensive repairs and health hazards.

3. Hot Water Dissolves Grease

Myth: Running hot water while pouring grease down the drain prevents clogs.

Reality: Hot water may keep grease liquid for a short time, but once it cools, the grease solidifies and can cause clogs in your pipes. This can lead to severe blockages that require professional intervention. Instead, let grease cool and dispose of it in the trash.

4. Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Safe and Effective

Myth: Chemical drain cleaners are a quick and easy solution for clogged drains.

Reality: These cleaners can corrode pipes, causing more harm than good. They often fail to completely remove blockages, leading to recurring issues. Moreover, the harsh chemicals can be dangerous to handle and harmful to the environment. Opt for safer, mechanical methods like a plumber’s snake or call a professional for stubborn clogs.

5. Ice Cubes Sharpen Garbage Disposal Blades

Myth: Grinding ice cubes in the garbage disposal sharpens the blades.

Reality: Ice cubes can help clean the disposal by knocking off debris, but they do not sharpen the blades. In fact, garbage disposals don’t have sharp blades; they use blunt impellers to grind waste. Regular maintenance and proper use are key to keeping your disposal in good condition.

6. Bricks in Toilet Tanks Save Water

Myth: Placing a brick in your toilet tank saves water with each flush.

Reality: Bricks can displace too much water, causing the toilet to malfunction and potentially leading to cracks in the tank. Instead of using a brick, consider installing a water-efficient toilet or using a toilet tank bank, which is designed to save water without damaging the toilet.

7. Plungers Can Clear Any Clog

Myth: A plunger can fix any clog in your plumbing system.

Reality: Plungers are useful for minor clogs in sinks and toilets but cannot handle severe blockages deep in the pipes. For stubborn clogs, a plumber’s snake or hydro-jetting might be necessary. Professional tools and expertise are often needed for complete and effective clog removal.

8. Lemons Clean Garbage Disposals

Myth: Grinding lemons in the disposal cleans and disinfects it.

Reality: While lemons can help with odors, they do not effectively clean or disinfect the disposal. Regular cleaning with appropriate methods, such as using a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, is necessary to maintain a clean and efficient garbage disposal.

9. Water Heaters That Make Noise Will Explode

Myth: A noisy water heater is a sign of an impending explosion.

Reality: Noises are typically caused by sediment buildup and are not a sign of imminent danger. However, regular maintenance, such as flushing the tank to remove sediment, can prevent these noises and extend the lifespan of your water heater. If your water heater is making unusual noises, it’s best to have it inspected by a professional. Call us today for water heater repair in Lawrence, KS!

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